Year of the Riot is a collaborative research project involving Shane White, Stephen Robertson, and Stephen Garton, with research assistance from Conor Hannon, and Anna Lebovic at the University of Sydney, and Nicole Cook and Benjamin Mackey at George Mason University. A related website offers a customised view of our research database which uses the Heurist knowledge management system, developed by Ian Johnson and Artem Osmakov (University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences).

This project examines the riot that exploded in Harlem in 1935, the first example of a new pattern of racial violence that recurred throughout the twentieth century, one centered not on interracial attacks but directed at property and the police, and contained in black districts. Building on our award-winning Digital Harlem website, we map and reconstruct the neighborhood, and develop an innovative spatial analysis, that provides an interpretive key to understanding such violence. Locating the riot in everyday life offers a unique view of a year of economic upheaval, and an opportunity to access what changed in the 1930s, and to what extent Harlem became a slum and ghetto

This project was supported by a Discovery Grant, DP110104268, from the Australian Research Council, and a University of Sydney Bridging Support Grant.