Magistrates held thirty-five men and one woman arrested in the riot to appear before the Grand Jury on charges of committing felonies. The Grand Jury returned indictments against thirty-two of the men and the woman.

Only five riot-related cases went to trial in the Court of General Sessions. James Hughes was tried for assaulting a police officer, and convicted of third degree, misdemeanor, assault. The judge sentenced him to 3 months in the Workhouse, a comparable sentence to those handed out to men convicted in the Magistrate’s Court. Three of those trials ended in acquittals, one at the direction of the judge. Strikingly, the other two cases involved charges of assaults on whites. There appears to be no press coverage of those trials.

The heaviest sentence handed down came after Edward Larry pled guilty to attempted third degree grand larceny for stealing men’s shirts from a haberdashery store on 125th Street. The judge sent him to the state prison for a term of 15 to 30 months.