The Harlem riot received extensive coverage in New York City’s diverse newspapers, in newspapers with correspondents based in the city, and in newspapers that reproduced coverage provided by the Associated Press and the Associated Negro Press. The city’s papers, the tabloids in particular, illustrated those stories with a variety of photographs, several of which were widely reproduced in other papers.

A number of newspapers that covered the riot can be found in digitized collections. Harlem’s two black newspapers have been digitized: the NY Amsterdam News is part of the Proquest’s Black Newspaper Collection (along with the Atlanta World, Baltimore Afro-American, Chicago Defender, LA Sentinel, Norfolk Journal & Guide, Philadelphia Tribune, and Pittsburgh Courier), and the New York Age is available on Also digitized are the NY Times, and Brooklyn Eagle. However, a number of key papers have not been digitized. Tabloids are notably absent: we read the New York Daily News, Daily Mirror, and NY Post on microfilm, together with the NY Herald Tribune.

Beyond New York City, Proquest includes major newspapers such as the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post. compliments that collection with an extensive range of smaller, regional newspapers. Most of the coverage in these papers, big and small, is drawn from the Associated Press.

(Other papers we have not yet read on microfilm appear in the scrapbooks in the La Guardia Papers: the American, Home News, World Telegraph, Journal, Sun, Times-Union,  and Citizen. The scrapbooks do not include photographs that accompanied stories, or page numbers for the clippings, and it is not clear if they include all the riot related stories from those publications. Notably, La Guardia’s scrapbooks do not include clippings from any of the city’s black newspapers).