The police records in the records of the Mayor’s Committee on Conditions in Harlem and newspaper reports of the riot contain the names of 131 individuals arrested in the riot. Most of those reports are simply a list of names, with varied amounts of additional information.

Information on race exists for only 95 of the 131 (72%) arrested. That this groups includes a number of whites confirms the accounts of whites among the crowds that appear in a number of newspapers. Are they locals, or are drawn to the neighborhood by reports of the riot – “hoodlums.”? Does the map provide answers?

For 111 of those individuals, the information included a home address, which can be mapped on the Year of the Riot site. [To come: a separate page on this – with spatial analysis]

Relying on names permits a more complete picture of the gender of the arrested:

Information on age exists for 92 of the 132 (70%) arrested:

For just over three-quarters of these individuals, we have some details of what they allegedly did to cause police to arrest them: