We are creating a site that maps and reconstructs the neighborhood of Harlem in 1935. The map draws on a range of sources, with legal records, Harlem’s black newspapers, and the records of the Mayor’s Committee on Conditions in Harlem providing most of the information.

The website is an extension of version 2 of our award-winning Digital Harlem website, a customised view of our research database which uses the Heurist knowledge management system (HeuristNetwork.org), developed by Ian Johnson and Artem Osmakov (University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). It builds on the Digital Harlem website built by Damien Evans, Ian Johnson, and Andrew Wilson of the Arts eResearch unit at the University of Sydney.

The website is designed as a research tool: it makes it possible to search and map our research. It does not offer any interpretation of that material other than the narratives associated with a series of maps related to the lives of selected individuals and to particular topics in our research. Our interpretations of this material can be found on this site and in our presentations and publications.